Mario Jardon, Ph.D., Director

Mario completed Bachelor’s and Master’s studies in Chemical Engineering at Laval University. After a car accident that damaged his brain permanently, he became psychotic and violent. Nevetheless, he managed to find a healthy balance in life with the help of musical therapy and hard drugs. After his incarceration at the renowned Kingston Royal Jail, he decided to dedicate his life to the formation of students. It’s fine now, nothing to worry about really. He only attacks Yannick, when strictly necessary.

Fr Salva Rego, Chaplain

Fr. Salvador Rego (Fr. Salva) was born in Spain in 1976. In his late teens he moved to Canada to study Ninja Arts at McGill University.  In 2014 he moved to Rome to finish his studies in theology and prepare for ordination at the seminary of Opus Dei. He came back to Canada as a ninja-priest, and now enjoy helping students and avengers in their spiritual lives. Do not hesitate to contact him.