Rev Up

Rev Up is a leadership program for young men in high school (grades 9 to 12) that aims to help them become mature and virtuous men; leaders committed to the service of their families, friends and of society. To achieve that aim, the program incorporates talks, workshops, get-togethers, one-on-one mentoring, sports, periods of guided prayer with the chaplain and time for friendship.


Talks are meant to help participants see how their present actions will impact their future life in many ways. The talks intend to inspire the students to think of themselves as young men and encourage them to reflect on who they want to be. Examples of topics: friendship, generosity, study habits, preparing for university, reading, etc.


Whether it be in public speaking, in studying more efficiently or in dissecting a 4-piston combustion engine, workshops are an occasion to improve in a specific skill and discover new interests.


Together in the living room, we have a conversation about an interesting topic. Often, a guest speaker will guide a discussion on his professional career or a subject of his expertise.


Monitors take a few minutes to chat with the participants periodically. These one-to-one sessions allow the participant to discuss topics that are relevant to him at the moment, such as life at school, studying, friendships, summer jobs, university applications or topics that were covered during talks. This is also an opportunity for the monitors get to know the fellows more and to give them tailored advice.


Most of the year, the sports period takes place in one of the nearby gyms. In the summer, it’s always possible to enjoy Strathcona Park, only 5 minutes away from Parkhill. What sports are on the menu? It depends on the group and that can change every year. Lately, soccer has been the most popular, and also basketball. 

Meditations (optional)

Meditations are moments spent with Our Lord in the chapel of the residence, where the chaplain will preach for 20 minutes, helping and teaching the students to pray. Participation in the meditation is optional.

Hanging out with friends

Starting the evening with a pizza supper is a great way to take a break from a week at school and reconnect with good friends. Life is not only about enjoying things or activities, but also about enjoying being with other. Around the table we laugh, we learn about what others are up to, we make plans for the future.


The high school students meet on Friday evenings:

18:00 — Dinner
18:30 — Get-together / Talk / Workshop
19:20 — Meditation (Optional)
19:40 — Sports
21:30 — The End


Cost: $300 (financial assistance available upon request)

Rev Up runs during the academic year, from September to May.
Please register by September 10th.

For late registrations, please contact

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