The residence and the Scholars Program

Young men, from all social, ethnic and religious backgrounds, become residents of Parkhill Residence by joining our Scholars Program. It is a program for all residents of Parkhill that seeks to help students maximize their university experience. It is a full-year program that supplements the formal studies of undergraduate men who want to grow academically, professionally and personally. 

It’s about the person. The Scholars Program aims at helping students succeed in this journey of growth and maturity, and become men of integrity. Through the program Parkhill seeks to contribute to the moral, spiritual, cultural, and intellectual renewal of Canadian society by preparing the next generation of leaders to be people of integrity, virtue and great moral probity.

While residing at Parkhill, residents commit to participating in various formational activities throughout the academic year. These include social times (get-togethers), guest lectures, one-on-one mentoring and volunteering. 

Guest lectures

Guest lectures present a variety of intellectually stimulating topics. Parkhill has received ambassadors, heads of companies, writers, singers, technology experts, professors, economists, and many other guests who come to share their professional experience and their knowledge on various issues relevant in today’s society. 


These one-to-one sessions allow the Scholar to reflect and to set personal objectives. One can discuss topics that are important to him at the moment, such as life at the university, study habits, career considerations, etc. This is also an opportunity for the mentors to get to better know the Scholar and to give him tailored advice. There is also an opportunity for professional mentoring, which pairs each Scholar with a professional in his field.


Scholars are expected to invest some time in volunteering activities. There is arguably no better way, in order to expand one’s heart, than to turn one’s attention to the needs of others. Scholars may find volunteering opportunities through their university or other organizations.

In addition, the chaplaincy provides those who so desire (not mandatory) activities of a spiritual and doctrinal nature given in keeping with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the spirit of the Prelature of Opus Dei that provides these activities.


The fee per semester is:

  • $5,900  (Summer 2020 – May to Aug.)
  • $6,000  (Fall 2020 – Sept. to Dec.)
  • $6,100  (Winter 2021 – Jan. to April)


To begin the application process, fill out our online application form by clicking on “Apply now”.  Applicants will be contacted for an interview.


Fees include breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some special medical, vegetarian and religious diets can be accommodated.

Weekly personal laundry and ironing services are included. Bed linen and towels are provided and laundered every two weeks. 


House Cleaning
Cleaning service 3 times a week (all bedrooms and common areas).


Wireless access to the Internet is available. Access is primarily granted for academic work, though recreational use is permitted in due moderation.


The residence offers each resident an individual bedroom, entirely furnished and decorated, and the use of the common facilities of the house, including the chapel, the living rooms and the library.

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